Settlement, Threshold

Site-specific Installation, Alfred, NY

On view: May 2017

The front steps of a home bridge the public space of the street to the threshold of the door, the entry way to the prvacy and safety of the home. The stoop gives light to the basement and elevating the main floor above the dirty streets. Symbolically, they function to elevate the climber to a higher space; this space is intimate, private, and personal.

Through the abstraction of the stoop's silhouette with the simplified image of Alfred's main street on the surface, I hope to provide that same kind of middleground between city and home. In that way, this sculpture is the stoop that it represents; it provides a space for interaction between the home and the surrounding community.  

Photo by Lea McCormick Griggs 

Photo by Lea McCormick Griggs 


Settlement, Threshold Accompanying Book

Series of three variable edition books, perfect bound with woodblock and screenprinted pages, and a digitally printed cover. Displayed publicly in fabric and wood displays.