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J. Stapf is an artist hailing from Upstate New York. Stapf earned her BFA from Alfred University in 2018. She works in a range of materials including printmaking, sculpture, fiber, and video.

Most recently she put on her first solo exhibition, For Sale, By Owner at the Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY. She was awarded the opportunity to attend a FAWC printmaking workshop in Provincetown, MA under the guidance of Pamela Wilson. She has worked as an assistant to the special topics studio at Peter’s Valley School of Craft, Layton, NJ. And she co-curated the show Guest List: Ceramic Ware from the Gill Collection at the Cohen Gallery, Alfred, NY. Her work can also be found in the Southern Graphics Council International’s archives at the Zuckerman Museum of Art, Kennesaw, GA.

Stapf hopes to continue showing her art while pursuing a career in exhibition. She also hopes to someday find herself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife, asking herself, “How did I get here?”.


J. Stapf’s current body of work is informed by memory and personal experience of the home. Prevalent architecture, work by sociological and psychological scholars, and American visual culture all have a hand in shaping Stapf’s ideas. 

She begins her process conceptually, through research on topics she is passionate about­– most often drawing from sociology journals– as well as exploration of themes drawn from her everyday experiences and past. Frequent use of mediums with a domestic history add an additional layer to each work. 

Recently, her work showcases an exploration of printmaking blurred with sculptural mediums, showing the possibilities print has beyond paper surfaces. 

Stapf strives for a balance between craft and intention. Her work is conceived through a process of research and material scrutiny. She hopes that each viewer has a unique encounter, reminded of their own histories and experiences, when they view the pieces in her exhibition.  


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