April 16- August 1, 2016
Cohen Gallery 55 N. Main Street Alfred, NY 14802

The Gills, both Professors of Ceramic Art in the School of Art and Design at Alfred University, are known for their generosity and invite fellow professors, visitors and students into their home for meals and tours throughout the year. Functional art objects live a unique life in the Gill home, passed around the dinner table, stacked in cupboards, and filling shelves throughout the house, studio and in the basement (SoLo) gallery. The work in the collection has a history of fueling conversations around the Gill’s dinner table and home spaces. 

Sharon McConnell’s Exhibition Design class selected work, a small portion of the collection, to present in the intimate and homelike environment of the Cohen Gallery, intermingled in a reflection of the Gills’ home. This portion of work from the Gills’ collection, both their home and basement (SoLo) gallery include ceramic pieces from the Ming Dynasty to the summer of 2015.

Artists in Exhibition include:
Ayumi Horie, Albion Stafford, Alleghany Meadows, Andrea Gill, Andrew Martin, Aysha Peltz, Betty Woodmen, Bill (William) Brouillard, Brian Taylor, Chinese, D. Wayne Higby, Doug Casebeer, Ed O'Reilly, Gale Dunlap, George Millnes, Gordo Andrus, Illeg Voss, In Chin Lee, Jan Hoag, Janet DeBoos, Jeff Oestreich, John Gill, Josh DeWeese , Kyla Toomey , Larry Clark, Laurie Goldstein, Linda Cordell , Lisa Elwell, Lisa Orr, Liz Sparks, Lorna Meadon, Mark Pharis, Mary Louise Carter, Matt Kelleher, Michael Ashley, Michael Helke, Norm Schulman, Peter Voulkos, Robert Mitchell Shiles (Mitch), Ron Meyers, Ryan Greenheck, Sarah Coote, Sarah Jaeger, Satoru Hoshino, Stacy Erlicker, Sunkoo Yuh, Sunshine Cobb, Tanya Rud-en-nicht , Theodore (Ted) Randall, Tina Gebhart, Todd Wahlstrom , Tony Hepburn, Ty Bradley, Ursula Hargens, Val Cushing, Victor Babu and Wayne Branum
Plus work from: Akron Stoneware Co., JR (Liberal Arts Pots Collection), Wegman’s and a number of anonymous or unknown works from the U.S. and Korea and China (Sung Dynasty, Ming Dynasty).